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“Sharp – don’t speak to Mike, if you already know what you want to hear. In business it’s always tricky getting sound advice, especially if people want your business.

Mike has the courage to say what you need to hear, and more importantly if he doesn’t think his services are the best approach or he’s not the right man for the job he’ll let you know!”

Neil Williams.  Managing Director – User Fusion Ltd

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“Mike is great to work with, he gets to the heart of what you are about.”

Gary Branch, Pianist. Piano Performance | Piano Demonstration

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“Fast, and the nail got hit on the head first time.

I’ve been in the steel building business for 20 years and have an eye for good construction. This website rewrite was a solid piece of work.

It makes it easy for our customers to understand us and our product.”

Robert Franklin. Co-Founder – West Country Steel Buildings Ltd

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‘a voice that is very attractive to our UK demographics’

I am working for an arboricultural contractor business in the UK. Mike is creating converting, engaging, and search engine attractive content for the website and really delivers on the sweet spot in those three areas – conversion, engagement & SEO.

After a few Skype talks, Mike very quickly picked up on the right kind of content we need for our industry and the style we’re asking for. He’s over delivered on what we agreed in terms of volume, and, I believe, outdone himself in terms of quality.

In these last 6 months, Mike has proven to be an effective copywriter for our business. He brings really unique qualities and a voice that is very attractive to our UK demographics. This is where Mike really shines – providing content that is specifically targeted to the UK ear. Not everybody can do this well – it’s a major problem and minefield for non-native companies wanting to win business in the UK. Mike shines at this and makes my life easier.

Edgars Rutkis. SEO. Latvia.

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“The Balance: I’m naturally cautious. It suited that Mike gets that balance right between hand-holding and taking the lead. Life is busy,  really pleased that I can now get on doing what I do best.

Important things?

  • He gave us the nudge to face what we’d avoided for too long
  • We got what we want to say to our best customers
  • We can build on this and refer to it in our marketing materials

Val Humphreys. Owner – VAH Bookkeeping Services

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He’s selective: It was really like watching another chef. He took my business plans and cooked them into something that looked good and got to the real flavour. It’s easy for my customers to get me and digest what it’s all about.

Important things?

  • He refused to chuck everything in – he’s selective – I like that quality in food and I like that quality in public relations.’

James Ellis. Owner – The Freelance Chef

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“TRUST. For me it’s all about finding the right people to work with who you can trust. It’s important because there are people advertising services that they can’t deliver.

Having met Mike last year, and then getting the nod from another company I trust, I felt comfortable enough to pick up the phone and talk about a complete rewrite of our website content.

We want to promote traffic too and so we added some brand content marketing pieces to the mix.

At first it was a bit overwhelming having to do so much thinking and rethinking. We had to let go of stuff written years ago and focus on going forward. All that takes commitment and time out of your working day.

Then, I noticed that we were actually making intelligent directed steps. It was back and forth but always going forward with a definite process – that suits me.

Mike helped us clarify and get into words, the vision of our company. He helped us tell the story of our specialist experience of this business for our customers (so that they trust us too).

 What we actually do and what drives us has found a voice.


Catherine Graham. Director – Adventuretogs

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ML Testimonial

“Spending money on something I’d always done myself was a big ask. Self reflection (that I was the main obstacle between me and better communications for my business) had been put on hold for too long.

It was an excellent decision to get out of my own way, get independent input and get a complete website content rewrite.

Everything has turned 180 degrees. We’ve switched from focusing our content on what we do to demonstrating that we understand the complex needs of our customers.

I want honesty. It was clear from the start that Mike is not afraid of giving solid commercial feedback.

The whole process has been an opportunity to refocus, clarify and streamline our message and offer. That’s no mean feat when you consider the scale of our working partnerships ( from medical and military technology companies to corporations, marketing agencies and the learning sector).

Pulling this together is a big step forward.

I can now see something that I hadn’t imagined at the start – the copy can actually filter in to how you approach sales calls, opportunity follow ups and face to face meetings. If you let it, it becomes part of your culture and brand.


Morgan Leadbitter. Managing Director – Nunet Bespoke Manufacturing Solutions

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” FOCUS. “I met Mike through a sales training course. We clicked. We’re a growing business and we had a procurement trade-show deadline looming which made it important to address our website content. It had been sitting in the background as another priority.

Working with Mike allowed us to focus on the business itself and gave us the opportunity to really clarify our offer.

Net result: he made it all happen in good time, we’re getting positive customer feedback.


Adam Poole. Managing Director – Saberprojects Ltd

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“I’ve been in business long enough to know that what they say about feedback being the breakfast of kings is true – so, for me personally, it’s a small step to reach out for help.

Mike gave us a content critique for our new lead gen and sales video. He’s honest, direct and doesn’t flower it up which I could imagine would be hard to swallow for some people. I’m not precious about my stuff, I’m more interested in whether or not it’s doing the job.

His review moved us away from generic language that spoke to everybody (and nobody), and gave us good advice around the structuring and precise ordering of our content for maximum impact and sales – this moved us closer to our customers.


Rob Groom. Managing Director – Business Sense FM Ltd

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“I’d built the website myself and wasn’t particularly convinced that we needed to do anything about the content until a customer pointed out that it didn’t really flow and was a bit haphazard.

Mike reviewed the site and pointed out some very obvious and important stuff about what to amplify, what to ditch and what to move around. It’s obvious he does this content optimization every day.

For me it means that we’re now advertising our products better. With a few hours consultancy he sharpened up the critical pages and even did the updating for us through our content management system.


Simon Pitchford – PAP Paramotors UK / Team PAP UK | www.papteamuk.com

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Jayne Wells-Griffiths

“It always feels like a gamble when you bring a group of very different businesses together and try to find a speaker capable of reaching them all. You never know what you’re going to get!

Mike took a very specialist subject that happens to be really topical and really critical for anybody doing business on line. He translated it into concepts that were understandable by the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker.

It’s refreshing to listen and learn from somebody not parroting what I could read on Facebook any day of the week. Original.


Jayne Wells-Griffiths. Network Manager – Stop Gap Working  / Business & Progression Mentor – The Prince’s Trust

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“I use Facebook every single day so the thought of somebody telling me how to use it better for my business didn’t quite add up. I’m very pleased commercially that I picked up the phone and had that consultation.

Looking back, before talking with Mike, our Facebook page lacked some business winning focus, it was more like a scrap book or a family album of work stuff – nice but a bit random. It also included some things that in hindsight were working against us. It took a fresh pair of eyes and somebody with strong convictions prepared to actually say ‘this needs prominence’, ‘that needs to go’ and ‘this needs to be added’ to set us up for our next stage of development.


Jack Gittens. Owner – Skywalkers Direct Tree Services | Arbtrader UK

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“I’d never used a copywriter before. I’m well qualified both academically (business) and professionally (arboriculture) so I wasn’t sure if I even needed it. But, as we’re a growing business I decided it was sensible to review what we’re putting out there.

Speaking to Mike I immediately got the sense that he was bringing a new perspective to our work and wasn’t just telling me what I wanted to hear. I hired him. I told him about everything we do and he pinpointed and then framed the 3 key areas that contribute most to our bottom line.

We’re still building the new website but now with Mike’s copy we have clear market driven substance to build it round. He did two main things: he took my goals and translated them into business sense and he’s helped sort the wheat from the chaff.


Inguss Markots. Owner – Ashley Tree Services

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“I was worried that that the PR job, covering our annual celebration event, would be too small to be taken on.

It wasn’t. Mike dived in. He got what the school is all about, our ethos, and let that understanding flow through the press releases.

We now have great press cuttings for the business and a piece of content to support our marketing in the future. It would have been a great pity not to have taken that opportunity to celebrate our work more widely. Glad I made that decision.


Julie Garnham. Owner – Julie Garnham Piano School

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Identity – “Mike took a homely but fairly chaotic selling page and in one swoop gave the Tatanne Bazaar brand a sort of anchor.

The explainer video he produced completely tunes in with our identity and definitely struck a chord with our following.

It’s the most engaged-with media on our site – nothing comes close. Really happy.


Jen Robbins. Owner – Tatanne Bazaar

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Priorities “Mike immediately spotted that our best showreel stuff was buried deep in the site, where most people wouldn’t find it.

He gave us 3rd party feedback on what would work for our customers. We moved our audio reel to top spot on our home page – it’s so much more powerful there.


Chris Dawes. Director | Commentator | Presenter – Chris Dawes Comms Ltd

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Procurement language – “I earn my money through engineering not through spending my time on computers. When I was asked to work for a big national organisation I wrongly assumed they’d have the time to research me and my business. They obviously don’t.

Mike framed what I do into the language of the national organisation and prepared my contractor listing. I now realise how much I was underselling my level of skill and expertise which could have cost me the long term contract.

I feel on firmer ground for commissions, tendering and procurement.

I won the contract.

Dave Winters. Owner – Dave Winters Plumbing & Heating Engineering

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