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‘Communicate Better With Email’: an introduction to the why bother of AUTORESPONDERS and AUTOMATED MARKETING

Photo by The Library of Congress
Sharecroppers – Photo by The Library of Congress

The world is unpredictable.

As of 2017, I really don’t need to tell you that.

You need to get your customers onto your own marketing platform, that you control, before the rules get changed and you lose them.

That black and white picture is sharecroppers – good, hard working, people who were working somebody else’s land.

They got evicted.

However many lives had been invested in that dirt, however many people in those families depended on it, they got evicted.

Think now. Are too many of your customer communications happening on somebody else’s soil?

However much effort you put into getting content on Facebook, social blah blah, Linkedin, blah blah you need to be aware that ultimately it is they who own the turf.

You do the work and they mostly get richer.

They up the fees you’ve gotta work harder.

They change the algorithm, you’re back to square one.

Feudal. Sharecropping. Eggs. Baskets.

It’s all the same story. Do something they don’t like (violate the terms of service) and you’re evicted.

They choose to sell up – you’re evicted.

They go broke you go down with them.

Your connections are lost.

The answer to all those life and business destroying horror stories is to use your time and creative effort to:

  • start building assets that you control
  • put a system in place to keep your leads alive
  • sequence your business emails to deepen the business relationship

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