Copy Critiques & 1:1 Coaching

behind every good sculpture there’s a hidden framework that defines the shape

Supportive feedback to save you money & shorten the learning curve in business

Together, we’ll sort out the psychological bones and gristle that need to be there to support your:

  • website copy
  • landing page
  • lead magnet
  • sales funnel
  • Facebook ad copy
  • product descriptions
  • sales letter
  • email
  • video script / VSL
  • Linkedin profile
  • newsletter
  • blog
  • copywriting skills
  • content strategy
  • value proposition




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If you’re unsure about getting a second opinion I’ll offer you this FREE advice:

You know how you think your voice sounds one way and all your friends and those video recordings of you make you sound completely different? Well……

they’re right….. that’s what you do actually sound like

Why?  Well, our own neck and head muscles distort the sound of our own voice – we hear one thing, they hear something else.

In exactly the same way, when you’re very close to your own content it’s very hard to see it as the rest of the world sees it – it’s hard to see the wood for the trees – it’s hard to know if you need a fringe trim or a mohican.