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Sharpening (Photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy) |

Website Content, Editing, SEO Ranking Content, Customer Communications

Clarify your competitive advantage.



What’s at stake? Professionalism,  reputation, reduced friction & better-qualified leads. This is about sharpening up, polishing & maximising the impact of the content you already have. All marketing channels.

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This is about moving things up.

Why do customers buy (& why don’t they buy?)

  • Uncover your value proposition
  • Work out what motivates your customers to action (Tip: it’s not the features or benefits of your product or service)
  • Learn how to position your business with credibility

(Not for profit? Buy = Buy-in.)

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Building, launching, rebranding & repositioning

Foundations to represent the building of a brand value proposition from scratch by Wordraising copywriting

What’s your unique story? What’s your value proposition? This is putting your vision into words – writing it from the foundations up. If it’s a strategic change or a new market then this is the way to go.

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SEO copy, SEO ranking content, Organic

Picture of the brain and neural networks to illustrate SEO connections made by Wordraising content optimising

Make it easier for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rank you. Make it easier to get found. Expert content to match neurolinguistics with search engine latent semantic indexing. High-quality organic traffic ‘cornerstone content’. On-page keyword relevant, semantic rich SEO. Demonstrate your niche professionalism, credibility & get found.



Customer communications

Ploughing photo as a metaphor for cultivating business and customer relationships by Wordraising copywriting and communications

Email newsletters, autoresponder series, direct marketing, relationship cultivation. Start relationships. Maximise relationships.

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