Creative Tension

Copywriter in Wales - Mike Odlin - Creative Tension Photo ©
“is it about where I’ve been or where I’m going?’

What you write changes the way you think about yourself and your business

I’ve got a thing about elastic bands. They remind me …

that anybody who needs to achieve anything in business will experience a gap in their lives.

This sort of thing:  ‘why do more people not get what we’re trying to do? Why do they pass through & not take us up on it?’

Martin Luther King lived it,  Peter Senge wrote about it. They called it ….

Creative tension

Experiment. Take one big elastic band, stretch it between your left and right hands – see your left hand as where you are now and your right as your vision. Do it.

Now here’s the interesting thing: that gap, left and right, now and future vision, creates an energy or tension that wants to bring them together (you can feel it).

See where this is going?  You can use that energy to drag your vision (right hand) back to your current reality or you can let it pull your current reality (left hand) towards your vision.

What happens depends on how committed to the vision you are.

Where do you start?

Open your eyes to what you’ve got now. What needs to stay and what needs to go? This is so you don’t leave good stuff behind or drag old stuff forward.

Some folks get uncomfortable and defensive at this stage, not wanting to let go at all. Some folks want to gallop off and leave some real diamonds behind.

Know this. Moving forward is gonna be uncomfortable. That’s a bit of creative energy bubbling up.

Somerset Maugham hit the nail on the head when he said, “only mediocre people are always at their best”.

ACTION. Ask yourself this question: are the words I use on my website mostly focused on where I’ve been or where I’m going? Am I happy with that?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Microcopy – how important if I’m just starting out?

Question: “I’m new to advertising and when I look at all the conversion optimization blogs – particularly stuff about buttons and micro copy and words to avoid – I’m confused, not helped.

What’s the important stuff?”

Your Secret

How does your business serve life? How do you contribute to the improvement of lives?

In 1935 the United States Steel Corporation was fortunate to find the services of a talented communicator. He changed how USSC was seen and dealt with. He did it by re-shaping the story of what business USSC were really in ….. he helped find the secret business …

Preselling: Before You’ve Even Met Your Customer

Mike Odlin Freelance Copywriter

Theatre: “Greek tragedy is not for the faint of heart. It reeks of blood and is strewn with corpses.” (Albert Henrichs)

And that’s the interesting thing. It does reek of blood and it is strewn with corpses, but it isn’t.

Life: Sometimes before you even get the chance to do your sales routine they say yes. Sometimes you say yes before they even start to do their sales routine.

What happened? There’s a good chance that you’ve been presold, that they’ve been presold.

The sale didn’t happen there, it happened somewhere else – offstage.

Theatre: Whether it’s the bleeding eyeballs of Oedipus or the relentless stabbing of Agamemnon, it happens off stage, away from the audience.

The information, the detail is told by the chorus in a manner that gives us time to think, to imagine, to make it our own.

We don’t feel the need to push it away because we’re not overwhelmed with it.

Are we affected by it? Yes. Because ..

when we have the space to make our own conclusions, they stick.

Life: I don’t answer emails or meet without listening to the chorus of the associated business comms – in my own time – off stage.

If it strikes a chord then I’m ready to talk.

If you want a prescription it’s this. Get your business communications to do the work, off stage, before the asking time comes around.