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‘Mike has contributed to winning more than £10 million for projects and business in the public, private, voluntary and co-operative sectors as a copywriter, editor, fundraiser, and case-maker, ‘


The way of the world

I’ve been around a few blocks by now, in several different industries. It took me too long to accept the fact that ….

only a small % of deals ever close

(did you notice that?)

It seems that only a small % of products,  projects or offers make it – for 2 reasons:

1. You didn’t do enough preparation to convince them

2. 97% of the time it’s because of things that are completely outside of your control:

  • the need goes away
  • the project gets postponed
  • life gets in the way
  • money needs to be spent elsewhere
  • they go off the boil
  • the dog ate their homework

The knack is to make sure you’re well prepared if there’s a deal to be had.

Image to show application of behavioural economics, NLP, neuroscience & behavioural psychology by wordraising copywriting

Work with me is about concentrating your resources on your website or in your business communications where you’ve got the best chance of success.

It’s about making sure that if there’s a deal or sale to be had, if there’s a way in, you’re in with the best chance.

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