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‘A mediocre salesman may affect a small part of your trade. Mediocre advertising affects all of your trade’. Claude Hopkins. Scientific Advertising. 1923.

(yes, persuasive content is still what gets the signature on the dotted line today)



Don’t speak to Mike, if you already know what you want to hear. In business, it’s always tricky getting sound advice, especially if people want your business.

Mike has the courage to say what you need to hear, and more importantly if he doesn’t think his services are the best approach or he’s not the right man for the job he’ll let you know!”

“What we actually do and what drives us has found a voice

“I want honesty. It was clear from the start that Mike is not afraid of giving solid commercial feedback.”

“His review moved us away from generic language that spoke to everybody (and nobody), and gave us good advice around the structuring and precise ordering of our content for maximum impact and sales – this moved us closer to our customers”

“Everything has turned 180 degrees. We’ve switched from focusing our website content on what we do to demonstrating that we understand the complex needs of our customers.”

 “It took a fresh pair of eyes and somebody with strong convictions prepared to actually say ‘this needs prominence’, ‘that needs to go’ and ‘this needs to be added’ to set us up for our next stage of development

A copywriter and communicator to improve your business

I’m Mike Odlin. I’ve written for big fish, charities, co-ops, SMEs, the public sector and micro lifestyle businesses. I’ve helped raise over £10,000,000.

Copywriter Wales. Website content and editing. Fast quotes and strategy consultancy.

Now, what do you need?

When you look at the copywriting services you can see 3 broad choices:

  • new or sharper website content
  • SEO copy
  • writing, like email,  that builds long-term loyal relationships.

You can find some work here

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I’m fast and price competitively for delivery.  I’ll agree with you a start to finish quote so you’ll know what the work will cost before you begin.

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