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How important is good website content?

‘A mediocre salesman may affect a small part of your trade. Mediocre advertising affects all of your trade’.

Claude Hopkins. Scientific Advertising. 1923.

(Obviously, not everything you write is an ‘advert’, but, most of what you write advertises who you are as a business or as a person. That’s important …. to different people for different reasons.)

Website content review 1+1 offer

For a free 1 + 1  review of your site content just message me here with the link. I’ll email you back with 1 good thing and  1 bad thing about the site. We might find something to do with conversion optimization,  customer engagement,  structure, jargon or plain old understandability. Any questions – pls ask.

Customer feedback


Don’t speak to Mike, if you already know what you want to hear….”.

“Mike is creating converting, engaging, and search engine attractive content for the website and really delivers on the sweet spot in those three areas – conversion, engagement & SEO.”

“What we actually do and what drives us has found a voice

solid commercial feedback.”

“His review moved us away from generic language that spoke to everybody (and nobody), and gave us good advice around the structuring and precise ordering of our content for maximum impact and sales – this moved us closer to our customers”

“Everything has turned 180 degrees… to demonstrating that we understand the complex needs of our customers.”

 “It took a fresh pair of eyes ….. to set us up for our next stage of development

(more copywriting testimonials here)

When you look at the freelance copywriting services you can see 3 broad choices:

Website content

Sharpening, editing & writing for engagement, conversion, rebranding, and better-qualified lead generation.

SEO copywriting

Expert & cornerstone content marketing written to make it easier for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rank you.

Content management

Taking over your regular business communications responsibility so you can get on with the rest of the business.

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I’ve written for big fish, charities, co-ops, SMEs, the public sector and micro lifestyle businesses. I’ve helped raise over £10,000,000.

I’m fast and price competitively for delivery.  We’ll agree a start to finish quote so you’ll know what the work will cost before you begin.

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