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It probably seems like there are 10,000 different ways to support your customer or strengthen your sales funnel right now.

Because these are big decisions for the future of your business it’s important you get it right. The broad options (below) are here to help guide you to what works for you.

Take some time to think carefuly about this, don’t let anybody rush you. If you’re not quite sure then you can get in touch to discuss what you need

A good place to start is to listen to this question:

Do You Want to Launch, Sharpen Up or Cultivate Customers?

(read that again before moving on)

Business Launch

the same hole deeper
new direction – new culture – ground up

Does it need a clean sheet? If that’s a ‘yes’ then this is the sensible road to take. It’s the roll our sleeves up, question everything, start from scratch option.

Bit of an up front warning though – this is no looking back, this is writing the future.

I like the sound of that

Optimization & Editing

Sharpening (Photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy)
sharpen your existing content

Worried that too much traffic is just slipping through the net? This is the route to getting your copy edited & sharpened up,  to get the lead gen and sales odds back in your favour.

(that’s the odds approach, not the hope and pray to the gods approach)


If you’re unsure about getting a second opinion I’ll offer you this FREE advice:

You know how you think your voice sounds one way and all your friends and those video recordings of you make you sound completely different? Well……

they’re right….. that’s what you do actually sound like

Why?  Well, our own neck and head muscles distort the sound of our own voice – we hear one thing, they hear something else.

In exactly the same way, when you’re very close to your own content it’s very hard to see it as the rest of the world sees it – it’s hard to see the wood for the trees – it’s hard to know if your customer is getting the chance to appreciate how good you are.


Email Marketing, Relationship Cultivation & Automation

sow seeds

Investing in a client relationship that comes to an end with only 1 transaction to show for it is a costly way of doing business.

If you’ve earned trust (at a price) and you’ve provided a good service, it’s hard to watch a bucket of good-will empty slowly.

I want to talk about email marketing, automation & regular ongoing content support and nudging to help me score my business goals

Where next?

So, there we have it – building, optimizing, cultivating. Which one fits the bill with where you are now?

If there’s something else on your mind, remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question – please ask