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Because however much money you’re spending on traffic, however shiny Facebook ads now seem, if the landing pages are weak then your conversions and ROI will be too.

Inviting somebody home for dinner with nothing to be served up is embarrassing.

If there’s something dirty about a place, we leave.

Before you read more, look at what’s being said:


“I hired him. I told him about everything we do and he pinpointed and then framed the 3 key areas that contribute most to our bottom line

“What we actually do and what drives us has found a voice

“I want honesty. It was clear from the start that Mike is not afraid of giving solid commercial feedback.”

“His review moved us away from generic language that spoke to everybody (and nobody), and gave us good advice around the structuring and precise ordering of our content for maximum impact and sales – this moved us closer to our customers”

“At first it was a bit overwhelming having to do so much thinking and rethinking. We had to let go of stuff written years ago and focus on going forward. All that takes commitment and time out of your working day.

Then, I noticed that we were actually making intelligent directed steps. It was back and forth but always going forward with a definite process – that suits me”

“Everything has turned 180 degrees. We’ve switched from focusing our content on what we do to demonstrating that we understand the complex needs of our customers.”

“Mike Odlin reviewed the site and pointed out some very obvious and important stuff about what to amplify, what to ditch and what to move around…. we’re now advertising our products better

 “It took a fresh pair of eyes and somebody with strong convictions prepared to actually say ‘this needs prominence’, ‘that needs to go’ and ‘this needs to be added’ to set us up for our next stage of development

 “He got what the school is all about, our ethos, and let that understanding flow through”

 “Mike took a very specialist subject that happens to be really topical and really critical for anybody doing business on line. He translated it into concepts that were understandable by the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker”

“Mike helped us clarify and get into words, the vision of our company. He helped us tell the story of our specialist experience of this business for our customers (so that they trust us too)”

“Mike framed what I do into the language of the national organisation and prepared my contractor listing. I now realise how much I was underselling my level of skill and expertise which could have cost me the long term contract.”


A copywriter and communicator to improve your business

I’m Mike Odlin. I’ve raised over £10,000,000 through direct response (DR) methods.

DR isn’t about ‘ likes’ orhearts’. It’s about 2 things:

  1. knowing what people you’re talking to, then
  2. writing to those people to ask for something.

It’s all about taking action.

Writing for Business, Public & Social Orgs

Some examples of my work:


I’m a fast worker and  I price competitively.  I’ll agree with you a start to finish quote so you’ll know what the work will cost before you begin.


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